100% pure gas engine design based on your requirement

Electric gasifiers make it possible to generate decentralised electricity on demand unlike most other renewable technologies. They are particularly suited in remote locations and agro-based industries with access to huge amount of waste biomass

Urjas Electric Gasifers are equipped with market leading technology to have reduced maintainence and thus reduced total cost of ownership. Our gas cleaning system consists of a superior proprietary design to reduce tar to extremely low levels ensuring a long engine life

Our team works closely with our clients to understand their actual requirements. At Urjas, we believe in providing a holistic energy solution including other possible complementing technologies to create an optimised solution. Our goal is to ensure that our energy generation systems are optimised and specifically tuned to our clients requirements & resources.


Can handle multiple types of biomass fuel. Less logistical headaces

Low Maintainance

Frugally Engineered but with you in mind. Lower total cost of ownership

Quick Returns

Get simple payback periods as less as 7 months

Make electricty from waste biomass

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