Urjas proprietary Vortex burner in action. The special design allows for high flame efficiencies

Gasification is a century old technology to convert solid bio-origin material to producer gas for controlled combustion. At Urjas we have refined this technology to build a cost effective, low maintenance, multi-fuel gasifier based system.

Our innovative engineering not only greatly reduces the maintainence requirement but also allows using varieties of feedstock like wood, crop residues, bio-coal etc. in various shape and sizes as fuel input to mitigate supply chain issues.

Our gasifiers are also equipped with Urjas proprietary Vortex burners for high flame efficiency and safety. Coupled with the low maintainence requirement the total cost of ownership is lower than conventionally available gasifiers allowing smaller payback periods.

Besides this the gasifier can be semi-automated to offer great ease of operation and removing necessity of highly trained manpower.


Can handle multiple types of biomass fuel. Less logistical headaces

Low Maintainance

Frugally Engineered but with you in mind. Lower total cost of ownership

Quick Returns

Get simple payback periods as less as 7 months

Looking for alternatives to rising diesel/cng costs ?

Just give us a call or send us a quick email at contact@urjas.com