100kg per day pyrolysis plant

Decentralisation is an effective method to obtain better waste management. However, currently available plastic waste management techniques are not suited or economically unviable on a small scale disposal.

Urjas proprietary technology to convert plastic waste to oil for sub 500kg throughput is a revolutionary step in plastic waste management. It allows for setting up modular units which can be scaled easily greatly reducing capital intensity and allowing financial feasibility.

To add to it our special catalysts developed by inhouse research provide market leading conversion ratios with the oil quality comparable and sometimes superior to diesel fuel. The higher conversion ratio and superior quality of oil along with cost effective catalyst converts to lower cost of ownership and provides faster & better returns.

Urjas Pyrolyser Project has been discontinued. Please DO NOT CONTACT for this product.

Higher Output

Proprietary technology to achieve high conversion ratio from plastic to oil

Better Quality

Superior characterstics of synthesised oil. Higher Market Value

Quick Returns

Simple payback periods are close to a year

Make money from your plastic waste

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